Do you want to get organized, but don’t know where to begin? Are you embarrassed by the appearance of your home or office? Would you like to regain control of your time, environment and money?

A New Leaf helps individuals and businesses clear clutter from their environments and reclaim wasted time and money. We help you to eliminate the stress, frustration and embarrassment caused by disorganization and clutter.

Home Staging & Redesign

Whether you are preparing to sell your home or you would like to spruce up your current home, A New Leaf can provide assistance in maximizing your home’s potential.

With the hustle and bustle of life and work, clutter had taken over my home-based workspace. As a result, my ability to be productive was severely compromised. Although she never ‘physically’ visited my home office, Ellen Martin was able to virtually coach me and supply me with the tools I needed. She enabled me understand how to rearrange my office for more efficiency and gave me ideas I could not have seen on my own.

She not only helped me to sift through the clutter and get my space organized but also how to develop a system and the habits to keep it that way. Admittedly, I fell from grace but was easily able (on my own) to return to an organized space with the tools and exercises she gave me. And I now know how to decide what should stay and what to throw away along with what to do with the stuff I keep!

I recommend Ellen because she understands how clutter starts and the ways to ward it off for good. She taught me it was more than just ‘cleaning up’ but a mindset shift and a ‘new way of operating’ that would support my organized environment AND productivity.

Desiree Young

Marketing and Messaging Specialist

I have been a client of Ellen’s for 10 years.  She has helped me with personal productivity improvement and systems implementation for years.  She is a smart and talented professional who can assist in all areas from strategy to implementation.  She helped take my vision from thoughts to action and an online presence that is really reflective of my style and purpose.  We have strategized on everything – website design, content, back office, social media.  Her vision and talent have made everything come together in a cohesive strategy that has been implemented and is now sustainable.  She has been a valuable partner in helping me achieve the success I had envisioned for myself and my business.

Tina Meilleur

Design Your Success

Working with Ellen was THE key to learning how to take control of my day by setting boundaries. While I had implemented a number of productivity systems in my business, whenever I created space in my life I would quickly fill it with something new. Ellen helped me work through those issues by helping figure out what was really important in my life and making room for it. For me, the issue wasn’t about managing paper or to-do lists. I had that down. Instead, it was all about changing my mindset so that I could create the work-life balance that I wanted.

Angelique Rewers

CEO & Founder, The Corporate Agent

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