Ellen M. Kramer

Ellen M. Kramer


Ellen Martin Kramer is a professional organizer, productivity trainer and efficiency consultant with a passion for changing lives. Recognized as a leader in her field she has appeared on Dr Oz, Larry King Live and TLC, Ellen has earned celebrity organizer status. She’s co-author of  the book Exploring Productivity: Ideas from Industry Professionals on Getting More Done in the Workplace, a collection of common sense ideas shared by seasoned experts.

Ellen specializes in working with busy professionals and business owners who struggle with excessive clutter, time management, and disorganization issues. She teaches companies how to create their own productive, efficient work environments by using proven organizational systems.

Most importantly, Ellen ensures that each client develops the good habits necessary to stay organized. In addition to her various accomplishments, she is trained in identifying learning styles and individual behaviors that effect overall organizational ability.

Ellen is able to objectively analyze each situation to produce a custom plan for long-term success. She is an accomplished organizer and has earned certification from prominent training programs including;  Productive Environment Institute, Clear & Simple Certified Professional Organizer Program and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.

In 2003, Ellen founded A New Leaf LLC, a professional organizing service to assist individuals in finding order in their chaotic environments. She offers hands-on organizing, virtual accountability programs and coaching .She delivers upbeat and interactive training programs, corporate workshops and seminars that encourage audiences to transform their lives through mastery of their environment and behavior.

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