Productivity & Strategy Consulting


Are you a business owner or executive ready to take your business to the next level, but find yourself feeling trapped by day to day routines and constantly having to “back-burner” your growth opportunities? If you answered yes, I can help.

I specialize in coaching business owners and high-level executives, helping them gain control over their schedules and bring their ideas to reality.

My holistic approach takes you from vision to strategy to implementation and maintenance of your new systems and structure.

I have also resources available for those who are more do-it-yourself types, so no matter where you are or how you’d like to get there, I am here for you.

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A New Leaf Business Consulting Services


Is Productivity Consulting right for you?

– Do you feel as though you are constantly taking two steps forward and ten steps back?
– Do you want to grow your business, but realize that in order to do that you will need systems and structure?
– Do you feel you aren’t sure how to proceed with creating those systems and structure in an effective way?
– Do you have lots of great ideas, but aren’t sure how to make them reality?
– Do you feel continuously overwhelmed and stressed by your list of tasks?
– Do you want to be more intentional about what you’re doing instead of reacting to the events of the day?

If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, my Productivity Consulting services can help you take back your time and make actual progress on your goals and ideas.

What can A New Leaf do to help you?

– Guide you through the goal setting and prioritization process
– Work with you to improve your personal productivity
– Work with Your Team to create systems and structure that really works for you
– Teach you to delegate effectively and building a strong team
– Teach you paper management techniques to cut down on clutter and wasted time
– Review your time management and suggest improvements
– Help you break down ideas into manageable projects
– Help you create a harmonious, positive work environment
– Provide accountability and structure

How does Productivity Consulting work?

The process starts by identifying where you are in your business journey and what obstacles you are currently facing.
We take a look at your current systems and business structure to determine our primary focus, and then begin setting goals and mapping out the path to achieving your objectives.

Depending upon the level of support you are looking for, we will have weekly or bi-weekly calls to review what is happening in your business, develop tweaks and changes to processes, monitor your progress toward your goals and provide accountability to insure success.

The length of time our work together will take will depend on your goals and the level of commitment and support you are willing to invest. You may choose as little as 3 months of support and have the option to continue at the end of that time.

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