Operations Consulting

Never before have business owners been faced with such extraordinary challenges:

  • A never-ending to-do list
  • A constantly-changing marketplace demanding new products/services – or tweaks on current ones
  • Finding, managing, and keeping internal and external talent
  • Managing revenue, expenses, and profit margins
  • Managing all the legal and regulatory requirements of doing business
  • And delivering the highest-quality customer experience every single time.

Business owners are exhausted, overwhelmed, burned-out, and feeling completely isolated in trying to manage these extraordinary responsibilities.

Do you long for having someone with whom to share the burden?

For someone who can help you remove items from that burning to-do list?

For someone who can free you up to do what you know you SHOULD be doing to grow your company?

My mission is to help business owners, like you, bring your vision to life.

Your role is to dream it. My role is to help you build it.

I give you CAPACITY. I give your projects “legs”.

No business can scale and prosper without building capacity.

A successful business owner spends his/her time creating the vision, identifying the company’s sweet spot in the market, building strategic alliances, setting the strategic direction for the company, and being a leader within the community/industry/marketplace.

Is this how you are spending your time? If not:

You must build more capacity.

What is capacity?

In a nutshell:

  • It’s maximizing the use of all of your resources – people, technology, and capital.
  • It’s investing in proper procedures to reduce costly repetition of work and gaps in communication and performance.
  • It’s streamlining employee work so that you maximize their contributions and better control and monitor their performance – whether they are internal employees or external support vendors.

How do you build capacity? Through project management, consistency, and automation.

These are the services provided by an Operations Director.

While having your own in-house operations director is great, for many companies, it is most advantageous to engage a qualified Operations expert as part of their OUTSOURCED team.

Not only can using an outsourced operations expert save you money, but also, by engaging in a highly-experienced outsourced operations director, you are getting the benefit of all their experience in working with OTHER companies – and they can bring those best practices to you.

That’s where I come in.

As your Outsourced Chief of Operations (Outsourced COO), I can bring you calm, consistency, focus, efficiency, professionalism, capacity, and savings.   I free you up to do what you are supposed to be doing.

Would you like to learn how I have successfully taken others on this journey?  Schedule a chat with me and I will explain my process so you can see if it’s a good fit for you.