Remote Work Consulting

Giving You the Tools, Strategy, & Mindset to Create Your Ideal Working Environment

If you are a business owner or career professional, you may be feeling the draw to work remotely, either from home or from anywhere on the globe. Or you may already be working remotely and wishing to be more effective.  In either case, being set up, well, is a key to unlocking the freedom that remote work can bring to your life and your business.

Having the right mindset, systems and equipment can truly be a game-changer when it comes to being effective at remote work.  While the rewards can be great, there are some challenges that can leave you feeling isolated, overwhelmed, and unproductive.

Whether you need assistance in setting up your remote work systems, from scratch, or you’ve been working remotely for a while and you’d like to up your game to achieve even greater productivity and enjoyment, I can help to guide you to create a remote work environment that will work for your personality and work preferences.

I will guide you through the potential challenges you will face and develop systems to help you to avoid those situations.

A New Leaf Remote Work Consulting Services


Are you ready to take the leap to working from home or being a digital nomad, but you just aren’t sure where to begin?

Are you already working remotely, but feel that you could be more productive and effective with some tweaks to your systems or more efficient software or equipment?

Do you feel challenged in managing your time effectively?

Do you want to be more intentional and strategic about what you’re doing instead of reacting to events throughout the day?

Do you want to restructure your day to better carve out quality-of-life time and priorities while still getting the work done?

A New Leaf’s process involves:

  • Guiding you through creating your ideal workday
  • Reviewing your current workspace, systems, processes, and technology tools to determine what’s working and what’s not working
  • Providing suggestions to improve those pieces that aren’t working
  • Helping you develop systems and processes to support your ideal workday
  • Providing suggestions for apps and other tools
  • Providing you accountability for making successful change and a sound structure & plan to get you there.

How does it work?

  • We start by identifying where you are now and what obstacles you are currently facing.
  • We will take a look at your current systems, workspace, and processes to determine where we need to focus our time together.
  • We will develop a project plan and identify the resources that you will need.

Depending upon the level of support you are looking for, we will have weekly or bi-weekly calls to review what is happening in your business, develop tweaks and changes to processes, monitor your progress toward your goals, and provide accountability to ensure success.

The length of time our work together will take will depend on your goals and the level of commitment you want to make and the level of support you desire.

Most of my highly successful clients make substantial progress on reaching their goals in as little as 3 months of support. However, you will always have the option to continue that support as needed or wanted. We will work, together, to create a plan that works within your budget and ensures your success.

To learn more about working together – and whether this is a good fit for you, schedule a Complimentary Introductory Call today.  I look forward to meeting you!